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Rifugio Ristorante Bar Mietres località Mietres - 32043 Cortina d'Ampezzo (BL) ITALY Tel: +39.04363245

Come arrivare a MIetres

In summer the Mietres Refuge can be reached on foot or by mountain bike along unmetalled roads and signposted paths from two main accesses:

From Rio Gere (state route ss48 via the Tre Croci Pass)
The first access starts around 5 km from Cortina, leading up the road to the Tre Croci Pass. When you get to the locality of Rio Gere – Larieto, proceed on foot along an easy mule track which plunges into an enchanting larch forest, and you will reach the Mietres Refuge in around 20 minutes. This forest road is ideal for anyone seeking a relaxing walk and in particular for families with children since it can also be accessed using mountain buggies.

From the hamlet of Chiave
From the village of Chiave, north of Cortina, you go up to the locality of Col Tondo, where you park your car and proceed on foot along the unmetalled road going up by the side of the chairlift. It will take you around 45 minutes to reach the refuge.